For bats and their future

Bats offer huge and free benefits for agriculture, forestry and for our lives in general, all over the world. In spite of these benefits, bats are endangered due to various human activities, which are sometimes mixed with instinctive negative feelings about them.

The Centre for Bat Research and Conservation (CBRC) is an NGO established in 2017 in the heart of Transylvania (Romania), by several bat enthusiasts across the country. While our organization may be young, our cumulative experience in bat research and protected areas spans easily over 25 years. The CBRC’s purpose is to research and conserve Romanian bats, as well as their habitats and roosts, in order to protect nature in general, and to strive towards a healthier environment for us all. And we cannot stop until our purpose and objectives have been fulfilled.

And some reasons, why you could support our work:

# 1. I really like BATS: I know that legends are not true, and I know that bats a very beneficial to us. I also know that bat protection must be enhanced;

#2. I value NATURE: Bats help to keep the balance of ecosystems, so by donating to bat protection, I also support the protection of Nature!

#3. I promote INFORMATION: I contribute to the evolution of the most diverse and complex online resource about the bats of Romania: the bat portal at;

#4. I support MULTICULTURALISM: I help the multi-ethnic team of the CBRC to work towards a durable bat conservation;

#5. ..and the DECISIVE reason: So we can reward your donation with something cute about bats (stickers, brochure, poster, etc.)! *

Donations or sponsorships will be used solely for our stated purposes.

By supporting our efforts You will benefit from the following:

  • Inclusion in the section of Sponsors / Contributions of the portal, which is specifically created to acknowledge those who contribute to the protection of Romanian bats;
  • Printed materials created in limited number, specially created for donors and sponsors and in balance with your donation amount.

With thanks from bats!

The CBRC team, 2017

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