The portal was developed during the project “Uniting the efforts of the Romanian bat conservation“, coordinated and implemented by Szilárd Bücs, in frame of the 2015-2017 Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme. The portal, as well as the Centre for Bat Research and Conservation were born with the significant contribution of several companies, organizations and individuals. Thank you!

  • Niculae Tomovici
  • Renee Palmer
  • The CryptKicker
  • KTF Vilm Team
  • Kitty Harvill
  • Vesna Maksimović
  • Tereza Kušnírová
  • Matt Cook
  • Lynn Whitfield
  • Levente Bücs
  • Teodora Sinculeț
  • Dénes Dobrosi
  • Shirley Cross
  • Katie Higham
  • Tanith Cook
  • Cosmina Bal
  • Cristian Pîlșoiu
  • Jo Robinson
  • Hayley Dean
  • Greg Slack
  • North Bucks Bat Group
  • Brumbats Committee
  • Alison Fure
  • Kim Perryman
  • Alexandru Cornel
  • Jon Russ
  • Keith Cohen
  • Ani Binet
  • Victor Ursu
  • Vera Iscenco
  • Alexandr Iscenco
  • Iain Hysom
  • Adrian Orrell
  • Daniela & Marinel Stan
  • Mihai Filipaș
  • Veronika Bokor
  • Bill Cove
  • Jessica Eades
  • Victoria Worrall
  • Marie Fleming
  • David Nixon
  • Sonja Kaulbarsch
  • Patrick Collins
  • Sinead McCarthy
  • Robert Bell
  • Suren Gazaryan
  • Charlotte Packman
  • Frank Lucas
  • Happy Train Kindergarten
  • Tricia Scott
  • Laurence
  • Adrian
  • Marion Schön
  • Kasandra-Zorica Ivanić
  • Sofia Tvaradze
  • Barry Collins
  • Orest Bych
  • Silvia & Adrian Gabia
  • Gabriel Solomon
  • Sébastien Puechmaille
  • Ana Stamatescu
  • Marian Mackinnon
  • Cecilia Montauban
  • Nathan Redman
  • Jennifer Wrayton
  • Nathalie Cossa
  • Florin Pascale
  • Marielle James
  • Julia Waller
  • Nils Bouillard
  • Sorina Lăcrămioare

We would also like to thank to those sponsors who, despite their significant contribution, have chosen to remain anonymous.

Our accounting is done by Kontado Accounting:

The photos and illustrations published on the portal and in the CBRC printed materials speak of the wonderful work of the following people:

Szilárd also wishes to thank the enthusiastic bat team of the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme’s 3rd generation, Baiba, Kasandra, Tereza and Shurik, as well as all the participants and organizers of the course. Szilárd is also grateful for input of project mentors Csaba Jére and Tomasz Postawa.


The portal’s logo was inspired by a fabulous bat picture taken by Dénes Dobrosi.

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