It is a great joy for a bat researcher to discover a new bat colony. To count it year after year and to establish that bats are OK. A colony of our own. With these thoughts we have created this section of the portal.

A colony just for us. A blog. A blog where, as in a real and noisy bat colony, we converse, share experiences, present concrete cases or issues of concern, obviously all linked to bats.

The “Colony” blog is for all of us.

Amateurs, professionals, enthusiasts, newcomers, but also for those who are still undecided about bats. If you have a story, a beautiful memory, or even a bad experience related to bats, we invite you to share it with us. Are you a bat researcher and believe that we would like to read about your work? Don’t let us wait too much.

Criteria for posting in the Colony:

  • To respect the General site rules of the portal
  • The text should have a minimum length of 200 words;
  • The text should have a maximum length of 1,000 words;
  • Optionally you can add photos, drawings, etc., with up to 3 pictures of medium resolution.

Using the blue button on the right (Post in the Colony!), you can contribute with posts, articles written by you about bats, own experiences or topics you care about in relationship with bats. We will review the materials received, to ensure that they meet the criteria outlined above, and we will post them as soon as possible, but with a maximum frequency of 1-2 posts per week. Thus, when receiving a larger number of posts, please have some patience, your story will not remain unpublished. Stories, exceptional experiences will be translated into other languages ​​of the site (Hungarian and English) by the portal team, but the author of the original version will maintain its authorship for these versions.

And for those who already know and love bats, please greet all posts with an open mind, trying rather to convince skeptics with clear arguments.

The Colony is waiting for you!