The Myotis Group for Bat Conservation, in partnership with the „Lost World” Conservation, Tourism and Caving Association, and with the Gyilkostó Adventure Association, has received a grant to implement a project to protect bats and caves, as well as for promoting protected areas.

During the project, members of the Myotis Group for Bat Conservation held 15 educational presentations, for a total of more than 450 participants, in schools of localities near those protected areas that are important for bats and caves (Vargyas, Barót, Homoródalmás, Szentegyháza, Gheorgheni, etc.). The thematic presentations covered the life of bats, issues related to the protection of bats and caves, information on the bat fauna of the Vargyas Gorge and the Sugó Cave, as well as important knowledge on visiting and protecting these areas.

Students participating in the lectures took also part in the „Bat Knowledge” quiz, in which the participating teams submitted drawings and essays on bats. The teams with the winning entries got to know the natural beauties of the Vargyas Gorge and the Sugó Cave during an excursion. During the excursions, the experts of the three partner organizations shared with the students the knowledge regarding the values ​​of the protected areas.

Within the framework of the program several types of educational and promotional publications (brochure, flyer, stickers) were produced. They are intended to provide members of the local community with adequate knowledge of the protection of bats and caves. To promote and protect bats, a longer “Bat Night” event will be held in the Vargyas Gorge in the second half of August, featuring a number of interesting activities.

The project “Protecting bats and caves in protected areas with the involvement of local communities” is funded by the Environmental Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania.