Bats are already in hibernation. They sleep (with only 12 heartbeats / minute), in order to survive winter time, a period without food source. We also wake up and begin to offer you a great deal of information about bats.That’s for you to know all the basic about them when they awake from their deep sleep, towards the end of March. So that you know about the benefits of their presence and especially about how we can protect them better.

The portal was created within the project “Uniting the efforts of Romanian bat conservation” by Szilárd Bücs and with indispensable help from the portal’s team. The project was implemented during the 2015-2017 Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme, Szilárd being a lucky participant in the third generation of the program.

Both the project and the portal received significant sponsorships and contributions from bat-oriented companies and also individuals, who love bats. We also received stunning bat pictures from and from our colleague from Hungary, Dénes Dobrosi. We are grateful for all their support. Without them there would be no bat portal.

The portal’s and our team’s common purpose is to spread real information about bats and the benefits of their presence, but also to induce a positive change in the public attitude concerning bats. We wish to emphasize the necessity and importance of bat protection, and at the same time to become the central online platform of the Romanian bat research community, in order to join our efforts, and thus present our results to the public.

We believe in a world where there is possible a co-existence with bats, a world where all bat colonies, regardless of size, are protected, where the public no longer believes that bats get entangled in our hair, and a world where we respect Nature and fellow human beings, by realizing our permanent connection.

Now we are done with the formalities, so dear visitors, we invite you to explore the portal’s content, especially:

….and many many other sections, including issues about site rules and ethical guidelines in the research of Romanian bats.

Also, we suggest two very simple ways to help bat protection. You can become an emissary of bats and thus join the team of enthusiasts who spread real and important information about bats, or make a donation to ensure the functionality of the bat portal.

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Welcome to the bat portal!