International Bat Night, 2019 Romanian edition

For the 2019 edition in Romania, several NGOs organized eight distinct events in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca or Vatra Dornei, but also in more natural settings, for example in the Vârghiș Gorges.

The 2018 Operation Wallacea bat survey in Romania

Since 2013, Operation Wallacea have been conducting Biodiversity monitoring of the Târnava Mare Natura 2000 region with Romanian partner Fundația Adept.

Bats of East Park, Cluj-Napoca (preliminary study)

The bats of East Park, Cluj-Napoca are active and diverse. In 2018 the CBRC begun a chiropterological study, identifying seven species.

International Bat Night – Cluj-Napoca 2018 edition

On Saturday, 15th of September 2018, from 16.00 to 22.00, the Center for Bat Research and Conservation organized the Cluj-Napoca edition of the International Bat Night.

How do bats see in darkness?

For decades, scientists have asked themselves: how do bats see in darkness?? Find out from our article, as well as other details about the hunters of the night.

Over 800 participants at the International Bat Night 2017 in Cluj-Napoca

We had the honor to host over 800 participants at the International Bat Night 2017 in Cluj-Napoca, and to tell them about the importance of bats.

The bats of the Făget forest

The bats of the Făget forest enjoy this small protected area, that has also a remarkable biodiversity. Even the bat of the year is present.

The Carol fortified line: more than a ruin

During 2016-2017, with funding obtained from EUROBATS, and the in-kind contribution of the Romanian Bat Protection Association, we implemented the project “The Carol line: assessing the importance of 150+ deserted bunkers for the conservation of the Romanian-Hungarian cross-border bat fauna”.

Bats on stage

You will probably wonder what could be the connection between bats, horses, theater, choreography and aerial acrobatics. The ERASMUS+ project from Piatra Neamț will answer your questions.

A colony of our own!

It is a great joy for a bat researcher to discover a new bat colony. To count it year after year and to establish that bats are OK. With these thoughts we have created this section of the portal.