Bats of Cluj

The bats of Cluj use echolocation to orient themselves in the dark and consume “industrial” quantities of insects.

Joining the CBRC Crew

Vela is a student at the Applied Sciences University of Bremen, Germany, and who joined us for the 2022 winter monitoring season.

Natural Timber – since more than 30 years!

Natural Timber is a Romanian company with 100% private capital, specialized in the manufacture of wood products (roosts) for animals and insects.

The colonies of Huda lui Papară – the Romanian superlative

In Huda lui Papară, bats form living carpets on the ceiling of the cave. The site is the Romanian chiropterological superlative.

A Viral Witch Hunt

Misguided fears of bats as disease carriers threaten a valuable and important species. Read here about bats in the COVID-19 context.

Bats and life in colonies

Let’s understand bats and life in colonies, in order to better protect Romania’s colonies of continental importance and size.

International Bat Night, 2019 Romanian edition

For the 2019 edition in Romania, several NGOs organized eight distinct events in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca or Vatra Dornei, but also in more natural settings, for example in the Vârghiș Gorges.

The 2018 Operation Wallacea bat survey in Romania

Since 2013, Operation Wallacea have been conducting Biodiversity monitoring of the Târnava Mare Natura 2000 region with Romanian partner Fundația Adept.

Bats of East Park, Cluj-Napoca (preliminary study)

The bats of East Park, Cluj-Napoca are active and diverse. In 2018 the CBRC begun a chiropterological study, identifying seven species.

International Bat Night – Cluj-Napoca 2018 edition

On Saturday, 15th of September 2018, from 16.00 to 22.00, the Center for Bat Research and Conservation organized the Cluj-Napoca edition of the International Bat Night.