Bat of the year 2024-2025

Until February 11th, vote for your favorite from three species in the competition for the title of Bat of the Year 2024-2025 in Romania.

The bat caravan

The Bat Caravan initiative is created and organized by our most active volunteer, Ana Stamatescu, with the support of the CBRC.

The gray long-eared bat – bat of 2022-2023

The gray long-eared bat was voted at the end of January as Bat of 2022-2023 in Romania with more than 50% of the votes.

Bat of 2022-2023 in Romania

The season has arrived when you can vote for the Bat of 2022-2023 in Romania. Voting runs until January 31st midnight.

The Danube in the Iron Gates: where bats and people meet!

Romanian-Serbian teams research the bats of the Danube in the Iron Gates. Their goal: to conserve these colonies of continental importance.

The IVth Romanian Bat Research Conference

On October 31th, 2020, the IVth Romanian Bat Research Conference took place online, organized by the Centre for Bat Research and Conservation, together with Wilderness Research and Conservation.

The Barbastelle – Bat of the Years 2020-2021 in Romania and Europe

Based on the vote, which took place between November 2019 – January 2020, we can say that the barbastelle is the Bat of the Year 2020-2021 in Romania.

Bat of the year 2020 in Romania

Until the 31th of January you can vote for the Bat of the year 2020 in Romania. Finalists are: the barbastelle, the giant noctule and the parti-colored bat.

Cavers and bats (part 2)

In 2018-2019, the Center for Bat Research and Conservation ran the project “Enhancing conservation efforts in the bat diversity hotspot of South-Western Romania”, conceived specifically for Romanian cavers.

A project to protect bats and caves

The Myotis Group for Bat Conservation, in partnership with the „Lost World” Conservation, Tourism and Caving Association, and with the Gyilkostó Adventure Association, has received a grant to implement a project to protect bats and caves, as well as for promoting protected areas.