Rhinolophus mehelyi – Bat of the year 2018 in Romania

With 211 votes our of more than 400, the “Bat of the year” in 2018 in Romania is Mehely’s horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus mehelyi).

Bat of the year in 2018

Read and vote for the bat of the year in 2018. An initiative of the Romanian bat research community and the Lilieci.ro portal.

With short and tall, protecting the forest!

The project “With short and tall, protecting the forest!”, from 2017, included several activities meant to bring children closer to bats and bat protection.

Lilieci.ro took flight 6 months ago!

Lilieci.ro took flight 6 months ago! The Romanian bat portal became a reality half a year ago, on December 6th, 2016, at 18.00. We thought that it would be nice to remember some of the key moments and to review our joint achievements.

The brown long-eared bat – bat species of the year in Romania

The first public vote to designate the bat species of the year 2017 in Romania. In a very tight competition, based on 150 votes out of 412, the brown long-eared bat bat became bat species of the year of Romania.

Bat of the year in 2017

Because the Romanian bat fauna is one of the largest and most diverse in Europe, the Romanian bat research community, at the initiative of the Lilieci.ro bat portal, presents to you the first edition of the “Bat of the year” competition.

The Warwickshire bat group

Warwickshire Bat Group is one of the UK’s county-based bat groups and is a Partner Group of the UK’s national bat conservation charity, the Bat Conservation Trust. It is a group of volunteers who seek to participate in and promote the conservation of bats and their habitats in Warwickshire.

Pettersson D1000x

Pettersson, a benchmark in bat research

Today, we are present to you one of our main sponsors, without whose contribution the Lilieci.ro portal would have been much harder to realize. But leaving aside sponsorship, the fact is that the company’s products, specifically its ultrasonic detectors of very high quality were and are constantly used in the research of Romanian bats.

Feeding the 350 bats at the Luana Foundation

Every year, the Foundation “Luana’s Dream”, together with Wilderness Research and Conservation Association, conducts the joint programme of “Bat protection and research”, and intervenes in cases of bats in danger.

The 2nd Romanian Bat Research Conference

In the period of 28-30 October 2016, at Plaiul-Foii, Braşov county, we organized the 2nd Romanian Bat Research Conference at the Dianthus Refuge.