1. General aspects

The Centre for Bat Research and Conservation’s (henceforth the CBRC) purpose is to research and conserve Romanian bats (Chiroptera), as well as their habitats and roosts, in order to protect nature in general, and to strive towards a healthier environment for us all. The Lilieci.ro portal (henceforth “the portal”) aims to spread relevant information about bats and about the benefits of their presence, but also to inspire a positive change in the attitude of the public concerning bats. At the same time, the portal aims to be the central hub for the Romanian bat research community. The views expressed by the portal are not automatically shared by all bat researchers in Romania or abroad.

To achieve our goals, the CBRC and the portal publishes articles, news, events, photos, projects and generally informative materials about bats, bat research and protection, but also about general nature conservation and environment protection, in case bats are affected.

2. Copyright, authorship

Due to the fact that the CBRC and the portal, besides publishing own articles and materials, publishes also materials from other authors (for ex. in the Informative materials section), all the content of the portal falls under the following Creative Commons license:

The CBRC’s and the portal’s logo represent the property of the CBRC, and may be used only by our official partners, with appropriate agreements.

In case of photos or other media elements published in the designated sections of the portal by visitors or users, the authors of these photos or media elements agree that the CBRC and the portal will use these items for non-profit and educational purposes. The copyright of photos or other media elements published by visitors or users still remains in their possession, and they cannot be used by third parties without the consent of the authors.

3. Standards of content

The CBRC and the portal do not publish news, articles, photos, events, comments or other media elements that have sexist, racist, religious, political and/or homophobic connotations. The CBRC and the portal do not publish materials that have a discriminatory or defamatory content, that incites to violence or hatred, that do not comply with national legislation or that may induce the public in error.

The CBRC and the portal do not publish subjective opinions or rumors. Every visitor and user is responsible for the content of their published material, the CBRC cannot be made responsible for the effects occurred due to expression of opinions and publication of these materials. Any comment or element that is inconsistent with the above will be moderated and/or deleted from the portal by the CBRC team, with the possibility to block access to the visitor or user if the situation is repeated.

However, the CBRC and the portal may publish news, articles, photos, events, comments, points of views or other media elements on projects and actions which clearly endanger the existence of bat colonies in Romania or abroad. These publications will not take into account the religious, political or personal beliefs of the project initiator, but will be based on clear scientific evidence, and will take into account the legislation on bat, nature and environment protection.

The CBRC and the portal cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information published by visitors or users, as well as the accuracy of news originating from third parties. The information presented may be outdated or incorrect, the CBRC not being responsible for the effects occurred due to the use of this information.

4. Using the portal

The public is welcomed and encouraged to access the content of the portal in order to get information about bats, or to inform us about some aspects related to bats, which the public considers to be of importance or urgency. Visitors and users of the portal must respect and make their own contributions, as well as observe these in relationship with other users of the portal, by adhering to the rules outlined in the Copyright, authorship and Standards of content sections.

Visitors of the portal have access to all public information of the portal, and can contribute, if they wish, with posts in the “The Colony” (blog) and to comment on various articles. These sections are provided with options for adding content, but this content will undergo a review process before publication, through which the content will be either moderated and published, or deleted from the portal. Content that does not adhere to the rules outlined in the Copyright, authorship and Standards of content sections will be modified before publication and if inappropriate, will be completely removed without the possibility of publication. Visiting the portal, accessing public information and contributing to the sections of the portal mentioned above does not require registration. We recommend that the visitors of the portal adhere to, and apply the guidelines in case of contact with bats, and also the guidelines of responsible tourism in caves.

Portal users are registered users that have access to the full content of the portal, including discussions on specific bat research, protection and monitoring topics, and can have or offer assistance in identifying bat species based on photos and ultrasounds. Registration involves providing the standard details required in such situations (name, phone, email, institution/organization, etc.). If you are a researcher, professor, BsC, Master of PhD student in the bat domain, or you are seriously thinking about becoming a bat researcher, please contact us, so we can facilitate your access to all the details of the portal. Registered users can contribute to all sections already mentioned in the previous paragraph, and in addition can publish articles on specific topics of bat research and protection. Before being published these materials will go through the same review steps as in the case of public submissions, to ensure compliance with the rules outlined in the Copyright, authorship and Standards of content sections. Registred users of the portal respect and use the ethical guidelines of Romania bat research.

If you have any questions about the content of the portal, or feel that your rights, including copyrights and authorship were violated by the portal or by visitors and/or users of the portal, please contact us.

5. GDPR, using personal data

In essence, the portal can be visited without the visitors revealing their identity. However, some data is collected about visitors. Below are more details.

Contacting the portal team directly by e-mail: The portal, through the contact form, offers the public the opportunity to contact us directly with any question or problem related to bats. In order to provide you with a response, you must enter a valid email address. These email addresses, although stored in the system used (WordPress), are not used for other purposes, but only to be able to send you an answer. Your emails are not transmitted to third parties.

Newsletter: The portal’s public has the option of subscribe, by own initiative, to the regular newsletter about the CBRC’s and the portal’s activity. Subscribing, made through the form on the dedicated page, involves entering a valid e-mail address. These email addresses, although stored in the WordPress system, are not used for other purposes, but only to periodically send these newsletters to our subscribers. Your email addresses are not sent to third parties.

The bat emissaries: Bat emissaries are individuals, on their own initiative, have decided to join the efforts of bat protection, by sharing the articles published on the portal or on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the portal. This choice is realized by completing an online form through the Jotform platform, providing some personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, etc.). These data are used by the CBRC and the portal exclusively to keep in touch with bat emissaries, respectively to inform them about new articles published, or other activities. The completion of the online form explicitly requires consent to the use of the above mentioned data, including the publication of the basic data (name, surname, locality) in the dedicated section of the portal. At any moment in time, bat emissaries may decide no longer to be part of this group, and this can be indicated by an email to us, at contact@lilieci.ro. In this case, personal data will be deleted from all CBRC and portal databases. In any case, personal data is not passed on to third parties, and they are used exclusively to communicate with the bat emissaries, based on the consent given by completing the form.

Social Media: In addition to the portal itself, the CBRC also uses social media channels to communicate with the public interested in bats. These networks allow direct communication between CBRC and the public through direct messages from people who decide to contact us about bats. CCCL does not actively collect personal data through social networks. We only use methods already integrated by the creators of these platforms, (ex. Facebook, Instagram etc.). If you contact us about bat related issues, the CBCR may forward your contact details to the nearest team in Romania, but not before explicitly requesting your consent. Transmitting your contact data will allow for a faster and more effective resolution of the situation reported by you. Your data is not transmitted to third parties, that are not directly involved in bat protection.

The Romanian bat research community: The CBRC maintains and on a regular basis, improves the communication channels of the Romanian bat research, namely the Lilieci.ro portal, the “Liliecari” Google e-mail group and the Facebook group “Liliecarii”. Similarly, the CBRC organizes specific events for the bat research community (conferences, workshops etc.), where registration is required. The personal data of community members are used exclusively to maintain internal communication within the community and to inform members about bat related events. Similarly, the portal allows registration of community members as users, requiring certain personal data (name, surname, contact data, etc.). The following data will be made public and visible on the portal: name, surname, field of activity, affiliation, locality. This information is public in order to facilitate the identification by the public of specialists who can help in certain situations, for example in bat related issues.

Links to other webpages: The portal contains redirects and links to external sites (usually similar sites in related domains) that can collect and process personal data by various means. If you access the content of these external sites and you are concerned about the collection and processing of personal data by administrators of these sites, please consult the sections dedicated to these issues on the respective page. The portal and CBRC are not responsible for, and cannot control the collection and processing of your data by these external sites.

Portal optimization through Visitor Data Analysis: When you visit our site, we store and process data to analyze and optimize our digital activities. We use web analytics tools like: Cookies, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords. Data collected in this way does not include your identity and no user profiles are created. If you have any objections to data collection, please contact us. If you do not want to be part of the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Program, you can use a browser setting that disables the use of cookies. You can disable conversion tracking cookies by setting your browser to block them from “googleadservices.com”.

Your Personal Data Processing Rights: Upon request, we will provide you with information about your personal data processed by us. To the extent that you wish to delete these data, this request will be met immediately. In addition, you have the right to receive your data at any time in a structured, simple, easy-to-read format.

All questions about data protection collected by the portal and the CBRC can be addressed at the following email address: contact@lilieci.ro.